About Us


We believe we can all make a difference.

We understand that no two women are the same. What works for one, might not for another. That's why we ensure our collections are ready for every occasion, every shape and every size

Our Mission

We’ll admit that eorma can be a little hard to describe, but that’s just the way we like it. Our mission is to not just be one of anything—one size, one shape, one personality, or one aesthetic. Actually, we’re a little bit of everything—and every one. We’re so you.

Behind the Seams

Every month, we drop a new seasonal collection of silhouettes that reflect all the details—big and small—that we know our customers will love. Each and every design detail is analyzed closely and debated thoughtfully, until we come up with a monthly collection that tops the last.

eroma -we give something different!

Popular understanding, fashion for everyone!

It’s an actually inclusive size range. It’s not stopping at just recycled materials. It’s treating yourself to something luxurious—without the luxury price tag.

creative team

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